How to Check the Security of Using Your Link-Sharing App?

Ensuring workflow security is one of the key tasks of modern companies. This task has become especially urgent after the transition to remote work mode when it has become less easy to track the actions of employees, customers, and business partners. The use of various applications and programs for data exchange, on the one hand, has simplified the process of communication, but on the other hand, has marked new challenges. How to check the link-sharing app and make sure that it is safe for the work process – we suggest learning further.

What are data sharing applications?

To begin with a few words on what the various link sharing applications that are used by companies are. In a nutshell, such applications convert downloadable files into links, which are then sent to the recipient. You don’t have to reformat your file into a link yourself – you just upload your document to the app, which creates a link to it on its own, just like a link generator. Then you can send the link itself or embed it in another document.

Such applications have gained popularity not only for their convenience and ease of use. They also provide file sharing security because you can protect the link with a password before you send it, set different access levels for each recipient, encrypt it in case of hacking or misuse, and more.

How to check if link sharing is safe?

To ensure that your data sharing is secure, you need to check not only the file security but also the file or link sharing application itself. To do this, you need to take a few simple steps:

  1. Study the technical specifications. To get a general idea about the capabilities of a link exchange application, carefully study its specifications and operating parameters. If possible, try the test mode to evaluate the usability of the application.
  2. Pay attention to the protection mechanisms. Reliable developers offer several options for protecting links during transmission to ensure the safety of files. If the app uses multiple data protection systems, and users can manage and adjust them to their needs, then the app can be considered safe.
  3. Find out if the app has administration options. Link sharing applications should have link management features. The administrator can select the rights of use of the link to each recipient, give or deny the download of the link, set a ban on forwarding, and much more. The more link management features an application has, the safer it will be for its use.
  4. Pay attention to the options for protecting the link content. The security system does not always work with the necessary efficiency, so you need to take care that the data is inaccessible to intruders even after the security system has been compromised. To do this, data encryption systems are most often used. \If link exchange applications provide such options, they will be able to provide the necessary data protection.

When choosing a link exchange application, it is important to consider several factors at once. That is why you should not be in a hurry with your final choice – it is better to spend a little more time searching and finding a really reliable product.